‘How do I unblock the toilet’ – a dreaded phrase that Google sees a lot of.

Although not a particularly glamorous skill, knowing some DIY methods to un-block a toilet will no doubt come in extremely helpful at some point.

If your toilet is blocked, don’t keep flushing it! If you continue to flush a blocked toilet it will quickly overflow and make the unblocking task significantly more unpleasant.

If your toilet is blocked but not overflowing you can try these steps:

  • Firstly put some paper or towels down. Unblocking a toilet can get messy no matter how careful you are.
  • Squirt dish soap or shampoo into the toilet. Add very hot (but not yet boiling) water to the bowl. Wait a few minutes and the water should start to break up the toilet paper and the soap should help it to move down the pipe.
  • Use a toilet plunger to attempt to dislodge the blockage. The plunger should be completely submerged. The vacuum created by the plunger can cause water to spray out of the toilet so start by lightly plunging until you create a tight seal and then you can continue to plunge with more elbow grease.
  • If plunging is causing your patience to run thin and your toilet is still blocked then you may have to invest in a plumbing snake (available in home improvement and DIY stores). This long flexible coil can reach places your plunger can’t and may be able to break through or dislodge the blockage.

Hopefully one of the above methods will result in your toilet flowing and flushing freely again!

If you have no luck, or your toilet is overflowing, contact a professional plumber such as Maroochydore Plumbing who has the knowledge, tools and experience to get to the root of blockages and un-clog your toilet in no time!


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  • We run a resort in Mooloolaba comprising of 65 apartments, as you could imagine when we have a plumbing problem in one of our apartments we need it attended to ASAP. Maroochydore Plumbing have never let us down & have always provided a great service at a good price....I would have no hesitations in recommended their service to anyone! Thanks team your work is appreciated!

    Scott Bowering Avatar
    Scott Bowering

    I have personally worked with Maroochydore Plumbing over 14 years and credit them with efficient, cost effective and reliable service 7 days a week. Chett Hubbard is first class and has serviced both buildings where I have been the Chairperson of the Body corp aside from completing many varied projects from myself including renovations from small to large. First class all the way with a great team behind him ! Pam Pugsley

    Pam Pugsley Avatar
    Pam Pugsley

    Maroochydore Plumbing is one of the most professional & outstanding companies to work with & the only plumbing company I know that does not over charge. Nothing is ever to big or too small they are always willing to help! I highly recommend Maroochydore Plumbing to anyone looking for a great Plumber!! We use them as our primary & only Plumbers here at Ray White Mooloolaba and we are very thankful for their continued support & kindness over the last 7 years.

    Danielle Margetic Avatar
    Danielle Margetic
  • My daddy is not only the best dad out there but also the best plumber

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    bella hubbard

    Maroochydore Plumbing is Professional, prompt and no job is too hard.
    I have always found their pricing very competitive.
    I Would not use anyone but Maroochydore Plumbing. We have a 15 year association. Chett and his boys are the best.

    Julie Elley Avatar
    Julie Elley

    I have been using Chett for over 6 years as a Property Manager. Chett, Mary and the team have never let me down. They are professional, very well priced and will go above and beyond to help out. Out of the plumbers I have had dealings with, Maroochydore Plumbing is definitely my favourite - reliable, honest and very efficient... Would highly recommend.

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    Simone Sullivan
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